7 February 2019

“The Svetlanov Planet” by Olga Victorova conducted by Dmitry Filatov

On December  7th, 2018, in Belgorod (Russia), Dmitry Filatov conducted a concert tribute to Evgeny Svetlanov. One of the pieces of the programme was a new work by Olga Victorova The Svetlanov Planet.

These beautiful pages of contemporary music were first performed in 2018, during the Final Round of the 4th Svetlanov Competition in Paris, where Dmitry Filatov was awarded Second Prize.

We are happy to share with you Olga Victorova’s The Svetlanov Planet performed by the Belgorod Philharmonic Orchestra conducted by Dmitry Filatov.

If you want to buy the score, please consult the website of the editor DOMENUS.

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