End of the 1st round

Dear Friends,

The members of the Jury announced the results!

The following candidates will participate at the 2nd round and will have 30 min each to rehearse and perform the work they chose :

- Chen Lin / Stravinsky : Petroushka
- Stanislav Kochanovsky / Tchaikovsky : 5th Symphony
- Mihhail Gerts / Tchaikovsky : 5th Symphony
- Andris Rasmanis / Brahms : 1st Symphony
- Samuel Burstin / Tchaikovsky : 5th Symphony
- Lio Kuokman / Brahms : 1st Symphony
- Kalle Kuusava / Stravinsky : Petroushka
- Leandro Carvalho / Stravinsky : Petroushka

More photos and videos tomorrow!

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