5th Conducting Competition 2022

Logo Evgeny Svetlanov Competition

Welcome to the 5th Evgeny Svetlanov International Conducting Competition !

The next competition, to be held from 2nd to 5th June 2022 in Monaco, will continue the memory of the great conductor who died 20 years ago.

Evgeny Svetlanov placed great importance on handing down a musical legacy to future generations. His work was enhanced by his experience as a conductor over many years. It is therefore no surprise that in his will he wished a conducting competition to be established. This reflects his genuine passion for music.

We are thus pursuing the work of Evgeny Svetlanov, an extraordinary musician whose concerts, recordings and compositions had a lasting influence on classical music. Aspiring to become a conductor is a lifelong commitment. The Evgeny Svetlanov International Conducting Competition draws on the values which the Maestro cherished.

These were an ardent passion for music, a wish to develop, deep musical curiosity and a moral commitment to convey his legacy.

Evgeny Svetlanov will remain an exceptional figure not only for the many musicians from around the world wishing to take part in the Competition but also for the members of the jury, to be chaired by Maestro Pinchas Steinberg in 2022.

The competition’s mission is to help young conductors at the beginning of their career and to support and guide them.

The 5th Competition will be held under the High Patronage of HRH the Princess of Hanover.

The Monte-Carlo Philharmonic Orchestra will be the 5th Competition’s official orchestra. This orchestra, which is the pride of the Principality of Monaco, has worked for over a century with the world’s greatest musicians, artists and conductors. Kazuki Yamada, the orchestra’s current musical and artistic director, has given his enthusiastic support to the Competition and will also be a member of the jury.

We are grateful to the partners of the Principality of Monaco, who are helping us make an important contribution in discovering new names in the world of music.

We are also grateful to The Svetlanov Legacy Charity, which is striving to uphold the same values and whose goal is to support talented young musicians.

“Art rewards those who devote themselves to it body and soul. This brings happiness to our profession. This lends meaning to a musician’s life”. Evgeny Svetlanov