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Napravnik, E.
– Polonaise in F major and Intermezzo nocturne from the opera “Dubrovsky”
– Fandango
– “Melancholy”, Op. 48

Nazirova, E. and Amirov, F.
– Concerto for piano and orchestra on Arabian themes in D flat major: E. Nazirova, Grand Symphony Orchestra

Nystroem, G.
– Sinfonia del Mare: Grand Symphony Orchestra; Russian State Symphony Orchestra
– “The Tempest” (by Shakespeare) for chorus and orchestra: Swedish Radio Orchestra and Chorus

Pakhmutova, A.
– “Ode to Setting Fire”, for mixed chorus and symphony orchestra: Moscow Chamber Chorus
– Russian Suite for orchestra
– “Youth” Overture
– Concerto for orchestra in E major
– Concerto for trumpet and orchestra in E flat major: S. Popov, Grand Symphony Orchestra
– “Spartakiade Fanfares”, in F major

Parsadanian, B.
– “Live for centuries and centuries”, fantasy-requiem for narrator, mezzo-soprano, baritone, chorus and orchestra: I. Roussanov, L. Avdeyeva, A. Bolchakov, Russian Academic Cappella
– “Eagle”, cantata for chorus and orchestra: Russian State Academic Chorus
– Symphony No. 1 “To the Memory of the 26 Commissars of Baku” in C minor, Op. 5: K. Kadinskaya, Grand Symphony Orchestra
– Symphony No. 2, “Martyros Sarian”, in E flat major, Op. 6
– Symphony No. 4
– “David Sassoon” epic poem

Partskhaladze, M.
– Concerto for piano and orchestra in F major, Op. 12: L. Berman, Grand Symphony Orchestra

Pejko, N.
– Symphony No. 4 in B minor
– Symphony No. 5 in F major

Petrov, A.
– “Poem in memory of those who died during the capture of Leningrad” for organ, string instruments, four trumpets, two pianos and percussion

Prokofiev, S.
– “Alexandre Nevsky”, cantata for soloist, chorus and orchestra, Op.78: L. Avdeyeva, Russian Academic Cappella
– “Zdravitsa”, cantata for mixed chorus and symphony orchestra in C major: All-Union Radio Grand Academic Chorus, Russian State Academic Chorus
– “Classical” Symphony No. 1 in D major, Op. 25
– Symphony No. 7 in C sharp minor, Op. 131
– Overture on Jewish themes, Op. 34-a
– “Peter and the Wolf”, symphonic fairy tale for children, Op. 67
Adagio from the ballet “Cinderella”
– Concerto No. 1 for piano and orchestra in D flat major, Op. 10: R. Kerer
– Concerto No. 4 for piano and orchestra in B flat major, Op. 53: A. Vedernikov
– Concerto No. 5 for piano and orchestra in G major, Op. 55: Y. Zak, S. Richter
– Five Melodies for violin and piano, Op. 35-a: V. Klimov, E. Svetlanov

Puccini, G.
– Intermezzo from Act III of the opera “Manon Lescaut” (2 recordings)
– “Tosca”, opera: T. Milashkina, Z. Andzaparidze, O. Klenov, Russian State Academic Chorus
– “Vissi d’arte” from the opera “Tosca”: T. Milashkina
– “Madame Butterfly”, opera: S. Chen Panariello, M. Berti, C. Marin, M. Shigematsu, Chorus and Orchestra of the Opéra National de Montpellier