DMITRY FILATOV, 2nd Prize of 2018 Competition
FUAD IBRAHIMOV, 2nd Prize of 2018 Competition
HAORAN LI, Audience Prize and Orchestra Prize, lauréate of 2018 Competition
WILSON NG, laureate of 2018 Competition
LIO KUOKMAN, 2nd Prize et Audience Prize of 2014 Competition
SAMUEL BURSTIN, 3rd Prize of 2014 Competition
MIHHAIL GERTS, laureate of 2014 Competition
KALLE KUUSAVA, laureate of 2014 Competition
ANDRIS POGA, 1st Prize of 2010 Competition
CHRISTOPH ALTSTAEDT, 2nd Prize and Audience Prize of 2010 Competition
DANIEL COHEN, 3rd Prize of 2010 Competition
ROBERT TREVINO, laureate of 2010 Competition
DOMINGO HINDOYAN, laureate of 2010 Competition
BENJAMIN ELLIN, 2nd Prize and Audience Prize of 2007 Competition 
ROBERTO FORES VESES, 3rd Prize of 2007 Competition
DEBORA WALDMAN, laureate of 2007 Competition
ROSSEN GERGOV, laureate of 2007 Competition


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