Violin and piano – Voice and piano

« En rédigeant mes mémoires, qui sont parues en Russie, j’ai eu l’impression sûrement très subjective d’être avant tout un compositeur : ce jugement n’engage bien sûr que moi-même. Il est tout à fait probable qu’il n’en soit rien, puisque je ne suis pratiquement connu que comme chef ! Je me suis sans doute moins consacré à la composition que je l’aurais voulu… Mais je reste maître de mon destin. »
Diapason, France, 1996

Violin and piano

“Two Simple Melodies”:
1) “Song” (“Piesnya”)
2) “Little Song” (“Piesenka”)
Sonata (dedicated to Miaskovsky)
Sonatina No.1
Sonatina No.2 (Sonatina-elegy)
Five melodies (To the Memory of Mikhail Gnessin):
1) Russian Melody
2) Yakout Melody
3) Persian Melody
4) Jewish Melody
5) Buryat Melody
Poem for violin and orchestra (In memory of David Oistrakh): arrangement for violin and piano.

Voice and piano

Two Romances to lyrics by Fedor Tiutchev:
1) “In autumn…” (“Yest’ v osséni”)
2) “I Still Pine” (“Yechtchio tomlius’”)
“Come Home With Me” (“Pridi ko mnie”), to the lyrics of A. Kol’tsov
“Night” (“Notchen’ka”): arrangement of traditional Russian song
Three Russian Songs (arrangements):
1) “Macha Is Forbidden” (“Nie veliat Maché”)
2) “Beautiful Bays” (“Urodilas’ sil’na yagoda”)
3) “Katienka is Happy” (“Katien’ka vesiolaya”)
Three Romances to lyrics by V. Krouglikova:
1) “I Walked Alone” (“Ya chla odna”)
2) “On Dead Golden Leaves” (“Po zolotomou listopadou”)
3) “Dawn colours”
Two songs for the New Year, to lyrics by Sergei Mikhalkov:
1) “New Year’s Eve” (“Pod novyi god”) (lullaby)
2) “Fetching the Christmas Tree” (“Za iolkoï”)
Arbenine Monologue, “Sleepless Night”, extract from “Masked Ball” by Lermontov, for baritone and orchestra: arrangement for voice and piano
Three Romances to lyrics by Stepan Shchipachev:
1) “To my beloved” (“Svoïei liubvi”)
2) “I Love You” (“Lublu tiébia”)
3) “Springtime Rain” (“Vesseny dojd’”)
Arietta (Exercise in Singing)
“In the Midst of a Noisy Dance” (“Sred’ choumnogo bala”), from verse by A K Tolstoy
“A Young Girl Was Singing in the Church Choir” (“Dievouchka piela v tserkovnom khoré”), from verse by Alexander Blok
“No, It Is Not You That I Love So Passionately” (“Niet, nie tiebia ya tak pylko liubliu”), from verse by Mikhail Lermontov

“In Love for So Long…” (“Davno v liubvi”), from verse by Afanasy Fet
“Following in your Footsteps” (“Slédit’ tvoi chagui”), from verse by Afanasy Fet
“I Remember” (“Ya pomniou”), from verse by N. Ogariov
“The Small Birch” (“Beriozka”), from verse by Stepan Shchipachev
“On a Warm Grave”, from verse by Nadson
Romances from verse by Aleksandr Pushkin:
1) “I Loved You” (“Ya vas liubil”)
2) “In Siberia” (“V Sibir’”)
3) “Poet”
4) “Prisoner” (“Ouznik”)
5) “In the Field” (“V polié tchistom”)
6) “Nanny” (“Niania”)
7) “Why Bother Telling You My Name?” (“Tchto v iméni tiebie moyom ?”)
Piesnia Nagachi (Armenian songs)
Romantic song “When I Hear Your Voice” (“Kogda ya slychou golos tvoï”), to lyrics by Evgeny Svetlanov
“Along the Sides of the Cove” (“Po nad bérégom zatona”), to lyrics by Y. Jouravliov
“Songs of Peace and Friendship”, to lyrics by V. Zakhartchenko
“Ode to the Fatherland” (“Guimn Rodiné”), to lyrics by Evgeny Svetlanov
“To the Motherland” (“Rodnoï stranié”), to lyrics by V. Lebediev-Koumach
“I Sing Russia” (“Poyou Rossiou”), to lyrics by Stepan Shchipachev
“A Small Star Fallen From the Sky” (“S niéba zviozdotchka oupala”), to lyrics by A. Jarov
“For Love” (“Pro liubov’”), to lyrics by V. Cheffner
“Two Lovers” (“Dva vlioublionnykh”), to lyrics by Evgeny Svetlanov
“Estonian Song”
“Hammer Song” (“Piesnia o molotié”): arrangement of the traditional English song