28 October 2016

A new Evgeny Svetlanov Conservatory in Omsk

It does not come as a surprise that more and more education establishments in Russia are named after Evgeny Svetlanov, like those of Moscow and Ekaterinburg. On October 21st, a new conservatory was honoured by receiving the name of the Master, Evgeny Svetlanov: that of Omsk.
Conservatory director Vladimir Aksamentov believes that Master Svetlanov’s name will make the students more involved in studies. He hopes that one day the conservatory will be nicknamed “Svetlanovka”, as is the case today with the renowned “Gnessinka” in Moscow, the success of whose students is well known.
Since it was established 55 years ago, “Svetlanovka” has received 4000 students. More than 400 students have gone on to become professors, professional musicians or painters. Today, the conservatory’s graduates work in orchestras, ensembles and universities in many cities in Russia and abroad: in the United States, Switzerland and Germany. In 2015, the Omsk Conservatory was ranked number One in the top “50 Art Schools of Russia”.

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