21 January 2022

We answer your questions #1

Nous répondons à vos questions

We receive many questions about the registration form, musical works and organization of the competition. Consequently, we decided to bring you our answers every week in the topic “We answer your questions”.

❓Question 1: Until what date the registration period is open?
The registration period is open until March 15, 2022.

❓Question 2: What language can I speak with the musicians of the orchestra?
You can communicate in English or in French. An interpreter is not allowed.

❓Question 3: Once I filled the registration form, should I send the video links by e-mail?
You don’t need to send us links separately in the e-mail.
If you use the platform Wetransfer, the e-mail for sending is competition@svetlanov-evgeny.com

❓Question 4: Does the video have to be a concert performance or can it be a rehearsal? With Covid it has been difficult getting concert videos…
We completely understand the situation. The videos can have to be either from the performance or the rehearsal.

❓Question 5: Should I send the videos of the complete works? If yes, does this mean complete works without interruption? Or could it be selections from a symphony? 1st movement, etc.?
You have to send at least one video with either a complete work or 1-2 movements or an excerpt. You cannot send more than 4 videos.
The important point: you must send at least 30 min. of music in total (in one or several videos) and no more than 2 hours of music.

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