2 February 2022

We answer your questions #2

We answer your questions #2

Your questions will continue to be answered.

Question 1: Which version of Mendelssohn’s Hebrides Overture opus 26 is required for the competition? Whether it is London 1 or 2 ?
It is the most known version 1830-32 which is required for the competition.
We would advise you the edition of Breitkopf & Härtel.
Question 2: What musical works should I send on video to apply for the competition?
You can send any orchestral works, but you must follow certain rules that apply to your videos:
  • Only recordings subsequent to the 1st January 2017 will be accepted.
  • The candidate should send at least one video recording of 30 minutes of music with one or two works and no more than 2 video recordings of 2 hours of music in total with 3-4 works.
  • The candidate should clearly indicate titles of recorded works, orchestra, venue, date and length of the recordings in the application form.
  • The recording must show a footage of the candidate while conducting, as well as members of the orchestra. The footage of the candidate should be preferably shown full face (i.e. as seen by orchestra).
  • The recording should be made with one of the following ensembles chosen by the candidate: symphony orchestra, chamber orchestra, instrumental ensemble with a minimum of 15 musicians.
  • The Competition guarantee that the video recordings submitted by the candidate will be used for selection purposes only and will not be used for any other purpose.
  • Question 3: Does the Svetlanov Competition host conducting master classes during the competition?

The Svetlanov Competition does not offer master classes during the Competition; however it is possible to consider in the future.

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