16 February 2022

We answer your questions #3

We answer your question #3

There is only one month left in the application period for the 5th Evgeny Svetlanov International Conducting Competition 2022.

We still get a lot of questions from you, but we’ve chosen a few of the more common ones:

Question 1: I am 43 years old. Can I apply for the competition?
Participation in the Competition is limited to conductors under 40 years old.

Questions 2: When will the results of the selection be announced?
The results of the selection will be announced before April 5, 2022 on our website Svetlanov-evgeny.com

Question 3: I submitted my application to the competition and received no confirmation of receipt. If you have not received confirmation of your application, please send us an email at competition@svetlanov-evgeny.com.

Question 4: Would be scores provided during the competition?
The candidates should arrive with their own conductor’s scores. The score of “The Images of Spain” by E. Svetlanov will be sent to all candidates by email.
The score of the new contemporary work of the Final Round will be provided an hour and a half before the performance.
The orchestra will have its own scores.

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