6 April 2022

Candidates of the Competition 2022

Candidates of the First Qualifying Round :

  1. Henri Christofer Aavik (Estonia)
  2. Yeo Ryeong Ahn (South Korea)
  3. Ron Davis Alvarez (Venezuela)
  4. Elias Brown (USA)
  5. Barbara Dragan (Poland)
  6. Aivis Greters (Latvia)
  7. François López-Ferrer (USA / Spain)
  8. Sergey Neller (Germany)
  9. Samy Rachid (France)
  10. Ilya Ram (USA / Israel)
  11. Kenshiro Sakairi (Japan)
  12. Evgenii Sakmarov (Russia)
  13. Harish Shankar (Germany)
  14. Jesko Sirvend (Germany)
  15. Euan Shields (USA)
  16. Kakhi Solomnishvili (Georgia)
  17. Tiran Nikohosyan (Israel / Ukraine)
  18. Yao-Yu Wu (Taiwan)

330 applications (39 women and 291 men) from 50 countries were sent to take part in the 5th Evgeny Svetlanov International Conducting Competition 2022. 

We are extremely pleased with the high level of the applicants for the coming competition. We wish all of them plenty of success in a complicated and passionate profession!

Congratulations to the chosen candidates!

Candidates 2022

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