Kenshiro Sakairi

Japan, 34 y.o.

Born in Kawasaki City, Kenshiro Sakairi graduated from the Keio University, Faculty of Economics in 2011. In parallel, he studied music. Sakairi began conducting Japanese orchestras at the age of 13. He studied conducting under such renowned conductors as Vladimir Fedoseyev, Michiyoshi Inoue, Ken-Ichiro Kobayashi and Hisayoshi Inoue.

He is Artistic Director and Principal Conductor of the Tokyo Juventus Philharmonic (since 2008) and the Kawasaki Chamber Orchestra (since 2016). He conducted numerous Japan premieres and world premieres.

He worked with famous Japanese Orchestras such as the Yomiuri Nippon Symphony Orchestra, New Japan Philharmonic Orchestra, Japan Philharmonic Orchestra, Tokyo City Philharmonic Orchestra, Sendai Philharmonic Orchestra, Osaka Philharmonic Orchestra, Nagoya Philharmonic Orchestra, Aichi Chamber Orchestra and the Osaka Symphony Orchestra. He performed with several great artists, such as Jörg Demus, Gérard Poulet, Yuki Koyama, Haruma Sato and Izumi Tateno.

In 2015, he appeared in the festival “La Folle Journée au Japon” and was named ”Up-and-Coming Conductor to Watch” by the magazine MOSTLY CLASSIC. In 2018, he conducted Mahler Symphony N°8 ”Sym- phony of a Thousand” at the Tokyo Juventus Philharmonic’s 10th anniversary concert, which was released on CD and met a great acclaim. In 2021, he conducted the acclaimed Bruckner Symphony N°3, and in 2024 he will conduct Bruckner Zikuls.

In 2015, Kenshiro Sakairi was designated as the Kawasaki Industry Goodwill Ambassador.